Purizon pet food for cats and dogs is inspired by the diversity of nature: this food only contains natural ingredients of the highest quality – and it is completely grain-free.

As carnivores, dogs, and cats need plenty of fresh meat and fish to meet their natural, high-protein requirements. Purizon premium dry pet food has a very high fish and meat content of up to 80% and a raw protein content of up to 44%. This food is made using only high-quality meat and fish as a source of protein.

We never add grain to our foods. Instead, we use top-quality fruit, vegetables, and herbs to help promote vitality.

Purizon dry pet food is made with fruit and vegetables. This top-quality alternative to grain helps to support your pet’s health and vigor.

The Purizon dry dog food range also includes Purizon Single Meat. This tasty food contains only a single source of meat (approx. 65% meat content) and is ideal for dogs with nutritional intolerances. The recipes also include vitamin and mineral-rich fruit, vegetables, and herbs (approx. 35%). Each recipe is completely grain-free and the balanced protein content makes Purizon Single Meat very digestible.