Purizon dry pet food for cats and dogs is inspired by nature: it is made using only wholesome, natural ingredients of the highest quality and it is totally grain-free.

Cats and dogs are carnivorous by nature and they need a diet which is rich in meat and fish to ensure they get enough animal protein. Purizon dry food contains 70% meat and fish and 40% of that is raw protein so it is an excellent source of protein. Only top quality meat and freshly caught fish go into this premium kibble. Chickens reared on farms with species-appropriate husbandry, well accepted venison and fresh rabbit or duck provide your pet with quality, easy to digest animal protein. Freshly caught salmon and herring are also a good source of valuable omega-3 fatty acids which help to keep your pet’s skin supple and fur shiny and healthy.

Rather than using grain or rice, Purizon chooses to use top quality fruit and vegetables as well as a selection of delicious herbs, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Grain is often used as a cheap filler; however, cats and dogs would not naturally eat grain in the wild and it can cause digestive problems for them.

Purizon dry food is made with premium quality fruit and vegetables as a healthy alternative to grain or rice. These wholesome ingredients help to keep your pets in good health.

In the wild dogs and cats would also eat herbs and botanicals to help keep them healthy. Purizon also uses the power of nature and adds selected herbs such as marigold, psyllium, turmeric root, algae and fenugreek as a source of antioxidants and nutrients. These valuable ingredients provide your pet with important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other vital nutrients which support good health.

The Purizon dry dog food range now includes Purizon Single Meat dog food. This tasty kibble is ideal if your dog suffers from nutritional sensitivities as each variety contains only a single source of fresh meat. Choose from salmon, lamb, chicken or duck (approx. 65% selected meat ingredients). The other 35% is made up of fruit, vegetables and herbs including wholesome pumpkin, apples, peas and spinach. The tasty recipes are completely grain-free and gentle processing helps to retain the vital nutrients and great taste. The balanced protein content ensures that Purizon Single Meat dry dog food is palatable and easy to digest.

The gentle processing ensures that all the vital nutrients and great taste are preserved.

All Purizon dry pet food ranges are made using only natural and wholesome ingredients:

High in protein: Purizon contains lots of fresh meat and freshly caught fish so it has a high protein content (65-70). Dogs and cats convert protein into energy and it also helps to keep your pet healthy and full of vitality. The fresh meat in the Purizon recipes is highly digestible and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It is a good source of easy to digest protein and healthy fats.

Grain-free recipes: Grain is often used as a cheap filler in dry dog food. However, dogs would not eat grain in the wild and so the canine digestive system is not suited to digesting large amounts of grain. Excessive grain intake can lead to serious health issues, obesity and subsequent illness. Purizon is completely grain-free.

Fruit and vegetables are used as healthy alternatives: Instead of grain or rice Purizon dry food is made with top quality fruit and veg such as apples, carrots, cranberries or blackcurrants, spinach, sweet potatoes or potatoes, all of which support your pet’s health and vitality. Fruit and vegetables are a good source of energy as well as vitamins and minerals. They also contain fibre which is important for a healthy digestive system as well as secondary plant substances with an antioxidant effect.

Medicinal plants: In the wild, dogs and cats instinctively eat grass and plants which are beneficial to their health. Purizon pet food contains a selection of plants and herbs such as marigold, fenugreek, thyme, sage, alfalfa, turmeric root and chamomile, all of which are good for your pet.

Essential fatty acids: Salmon and herring are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which promote supple skin and shiny fur.

Optimum digestibility: Top quality ingredients and plant fibres such as psyllium support healthy, balanced intestinal flora and ensure that this tasty food is easy to digest.