Purizon dry pet food takes its inspiration from the natural, carnivorous diet of cats and dogs. It is made to a unique recipe with at least 70% meat or fish. Grain and rice are often used as cheap fillers, but this delicious, wholesome kibble is 100% grain-free. Purizon premium dry pet food is also rich in top-quality fruit, vegetables and herbs. These valuable ingredients supply your pet with essential vitamins and minerals and help to keep your dog healthy and lively. The gentle preparation helps to ensure that all the vital nutrients are retained and it also helps to preserve the natural flavours.

With around 40% protein content, Purizon is a sustainable and appropriate food for carnivorous animals. It contains 0% grain since cats and dogs would not naturally eat grain in the wild and they find it hard to digest. Instead of which, this nutritious kibble is packed with crunchy veg and tasty fruit as well as carefully selected herbs that help to preserve it. It is enriched with top-quality salmon oil and the gentle processing method helps to retain the great, natural taste and vital nutrients.

Purizon – Nature is our inspiration!