Purizon Dry Food: Your four-legged friend will love this protein-rich and very tasty food with up to 80% meat, fish and other animal ingredients, plus min. 20% fruit & vegetables and 0% grain,. Dogs with nutritional intolerances can also enjoy a delicious meal with our Single Meat recipes, made with just one source of animal protein.

Purizon Wet Food: Our recipes are as varied as nature: Purizon wet food contains 45% high-quality chicken fillet, valuable offal and vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables. It provides your dog with a protein-rich, very tasty diet, with no added grain.

Purizon Snacks: Purizon Snacks are made with 100% finest meat, freshly caught fish & tender liver – and they are totally grain-free. The snacks have a tasty, softer consistency and a very high protein content. The careful freeze-drying process helps to retain the intense, natural flavour as well as many of the vital nutrients – ensuring optimal acceptance and digestibility. Purizon Snacks – the treat that carnivorous pets love.